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Trails are Partially OPEN

Ride With extreme Caution

Trail from Bradford to 415 has alot of water holes and snow is marginal. 

Trail from 415 to 70 A Corn field by Bridge on Babcock Hollow has alot of water in the field. Culver Creek has been plowed to the dirt about halfway up. Trail behind Bennetts has very deep water in the trail.

Trail between trailers on 70 A is very thin to no coverage. (in the yard) Area just before Arkport going down thru the pines, trees and brush down all thru there. Those parts are Closed

Parts that are Open and RIDE WITH Extreme CAUTION:  Are as follows Tops of hill on Loucks Pond to Howard fields are wind Blown 

Howard to intersection with Quad County, water holes and wind fields, Seasonal roads are passible. These sections will not be open very long. Please Stay on Trails, we have gotten calls about people cutting across their hay fields. They are asking for it to STOP.






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