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Bath Sno-Flakes Snowmobile Association

Bath Sno-Flakes History

History of Bath Sno-Flakes Snowmobile Club

The club was established in 1972 by a lot of the existing club member’s parents and grandparents. The club house was on Harrisburg Hollow Rd. The records show that they had quite a few members, cannot really tell the numbers but there were quite a few. The club started to lose members and interest over the years due to lack of snow.  In 1991 a questionnaire went to the members of the club asking if they wanted to abolish the club because of lack of officials and members, a handful of members decided to just let things ride to see what would happen. The club went idle for a few years and in 1995 another group of people decided that they would pick up where the others had left off. The ball was rolling again, the membership started to grow as they did Snowmobile Drags and also got things started with the state on getting permission to put a trail across State Land on the Bradford end of the trail. Permission was granted and the trail was started.  There was a lot of clearing that had to be done to get the trail through those woods. The club came together and went to work on getting it done.  This was the start of the trail that now goes across Steuben County from Arkport to Bradford.  Things started to slow down for the club 98-2000 due to lack of snow and interest again. Then in 2000 the State contacted us about the permit for the trail to cross State Land.  Was the club going to renew it or just let it go?  Six members met and agreed that the club would renew it and go forward with finishing the trail across Steuben County which is now known as Corridor 2. In 2005 the Allegany County Federation came to the club and helped us to get our trail funded. This is basically where the club is today. The club maintains the trails with a 2-8ft, 6ft, and 2-4ft wide groomers, 2 Skandic snowmobiles, 2 Polaris Rangers. We hold an Annual Land Owners Appreciation Breakfast because without landowners permission there would be No trails. We also sponsor a Snowmobile Safety Course once a year for children between 10 and 17 or anyone that would like participate in the course. The Club will entertain any ideas that you may have for fund raising or any ideas that anyone you may have please contact us. This is a quick history of the Bath Sno-Flakes Snowmobile Club.

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Bath Sno-flakes Snowmobile Association

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